what's cookin', good lookin'?


hiya. i'm sarah beth.

hiya. i'm sarah beth.

hiya. i'm sarah beth.

i'm a michigan-born, veggie-lovin', coffee chuggin', tongue-in-cheek home cook. 

apocalyptic cooking is here to provide ideas for how to stretch your dollar while still eating REAL FREAKING FOOD. 

will i cover all the bases? no. will i account for every dietary restriction? no, but i’ll try. will i be able to give the perfect suggestions for every household, every palate, every person? absolutely friggin’ not. i’m one person. but i’m here to help give you some tools to get funky in your own kitchen.

so snag a chair and grab a seat at the table. we're in this together. we're gonna make it one scrappy meal at a time. 


about my recipes.

hiya. i'm sarah beth.

hiya. i'm sarah beth.

i've made it a goal to share my recipes in the same voice and candor i would use if i was in your kitchen cookin' up a storm alongside you. 

but i'm far from a recipe follower. even my most tried and true "recipes" are always subject to change because i'm always hoping to improve my skills. my grandma's the same way. drove me crazy growing up, but dammit now i get it.

cooking is about interacting with food in an intimate way. and part of getting intimate with food is being open to trying new things and trusting your gut. it's paying attention to what's happening in your pot or pan and making adjustments rather than blindly following a recipe.

let's trust our gut, step out on a limb, and change the way we interact with food.

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